A Closer Look at the Best Gaming Desks of 2018

January 26, 2018 by Headshot Jacob Tuwiner

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a PC enthusiast, you deserve the ultimate experience behind your mouse and keyboard.

While peripherals such as headsets, mice and mousepads, keyboards, and chairs are considered, the proper gaming desk is often overlooked.

Ultimate Gaming Desk

Having a sweet gaming desk completes your setup and provides the necessary room and comfort for your PC and peripherals.

This guide will illustrate the 9 best gaming desks of 2018. Don’t fear if you have a small room, as all sizes have been considred in this top list. We’re featuring three budget options, two mid-range options, and lastly, two enthusiast options.

Overview of the Desks

Image Desk Dimensions Price
Flash Furniture Glass Gaming Desk 29.88"H x 39.38"W x 23.56"L ; 28 lbs $90
Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Gaming Desk 20"H x 51"W x 20"L ; 57 lbs $90
Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk 30"H x 47"W x 16"L ; 48 lbs $76
Atlantic Gaming Desk 27"H x 40"W x 50"L ; 37 lbs $110
Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass Desk 37"H x 60"W x 24"L ; 96.5 lbs $120
E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED Gaming Desk 32"H x 39"W x 32"L ; 65 lbs $360
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Adjustable Height x 63"W x 32"L ; 86 lbs $400
Origami Foldable Computer Desk 29" H x 51"W x 51"L ; 57 lbs $91
Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation 48"H x 26"W x 36"L ; 72 lbs $110

The Importance of a Sweet Gaming Desk

Having the right desk for you completes your PC gaming setup. Sure you could use any old desk, but it wouldn’t asthetically fit your setup. Furthermore, it probably wouldn’t be too ergonomic either.

Let’s face it:

All gamers occasionally lock themselves in their room with a two liter of Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos for hours on end playing their favorite game with their friends. Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there.

While it’s a great pass time, hours on end of sitting in front of a screen can grow quite uncomfortable. Having the proper desk for you can drastically reduce if not eliminate this issue.

Furthermore, having a sweet gaming desk completes your setup. Think about it: you invest so much in an amazing PC with cool case fans and LEDs, a mouse/mousepad and keyboard, headset, monitor, etc. Why should you settle for a sub-par gaming desk?


From a health standpoint, having the right desk is also important. If your desk isn’t the right height for you, it will affect your posture and more than likely cause back pain.

Lastly, you’ll need enough space for all of your peripherals. As a PC gamer, you need room for monitor(s), keyboard, mouse and mousepad, your gaming chair, etc. Ideally you’d want your PC on the desk as well.

It’s not smart to store your PC on the floor, especially carpet flooring, as it’ll easily collect dust which obstructs airflow. In addition, carpet suffocates the PSU fan if your PSU is mounted on the bottom of your case.

Buying the proper desk for you and your gaming setup is crucial. This guide will help you find the right one for you.

Finding the Right Desk for You

Selecting the proper desk for your setup shouldn’t be difficult. Simply figure out your criteria, and go from there. Here are some things to consider:


Knowing the right size for you is critical. Not only the surface area of the desk, but the height of it as well.

You have a monitor if not two or three, a keyboard and mouse, a PC, and you’ll probably want room for food or any other miscellaneous items.


The last thing you want for your setup is clutter everywhere and a cramped setup. PC gaming is far superior to consoles. Having enough desk space will help ensure you receive the most out of your PC gaming experience.

As mentioned previously, having a desk of the proper height is also important. Having a desk that is too high or low leads to bad posture which grows quite uncomfortable very quickly.


Are you good at working with your hands? Or maybe you prefer a quick assembly? Both are factors to consider when buying a desk. Some desks require tools for their construction while others can quickly snap together without much hassle.


What your desk is made of will obviously have the largest impact on the look, feel, weight, and price of the desk. While many prefer a wood desk, their are other options out there.

Glass: Glass desks are sleek, refined, and elegant. While they look awesome, they’re super cool, they aren’t as sturdy as steel or wood.

Wood: You can’t go wrong with a nice wooden desk. They look and feel spectacular, providing a traditional feel. Unfortunately, wooden desks tend to be a bit heavier than their alternatives.

Steel: Steel desks are my personal favorite as they’re leightweight yet sturdy.

At the end of the day, all three materials are a great choice in their own way. It’s really all up to you.

Check out this infographic! It’ll show you 10 things to consider BEFORE you buy!

Gaming Desk Infographic

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9 Best Gaming Desks of 2018 (Comparison)

Here begins the top 7 countdown of the best gaming deks in 2018. Bear in mind that this isn’t ordered from best to worst, but rather ordered by the price tag. We’re featuring 3 budget options, 2 mid-range and 2 enthusiast options.

Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk - $76

Convenience Concepts Desk

1. The Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk is an excellent budget option. It features lots of storage space, and an easy no tools assembly.

The desk is sturdy, and has two lower platforms on either side which provides extra storage. They’re a perfect for housing a PC, setting your headset down, maybe holding any games or DVDs. etc.

The desk is very leight, weighing in at just under 45 pounds. Considering the price tag of just $76, it’s a steal.

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 4.4/5 $73 View on Amazon

Flash Furniture Glass Gaming Desk

Flash Furniture Glass Desk

2. The Flash Furniture glass gaming desk is one of my favorites on this list for many reasons.

It has a contemporary design with a clear tempered glass surface. Not only does the tempered glass look nice, it’s strong, too. The desk also features a sliding keyboard tray, perfect for a PC gamer.

It also has beveled fornt legs, a cherry laminate finish and a privacy panel. For just $90, you can’t go wrong with this desk. You can find it on Amazon in 8 different colors/styles.

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 3.8/5 $83 View on Amazon

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Gaming Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Gaming Desk

3. The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Gaming Desk is a favorite among gamers. This is due to its “L-shape”. The Walker Edison has a space in the bottom middle of the desk specifically for your PC.

It features tempered glass, a black steel frame, and a black finish. It’s sturdy, and feels as good as it looks.

This desk is among the most versatile in this top list. Comparitively to the Flash Furniture desk, it features a sliding keyboard tray which can be mounted on either side. If we could recommend one desk out of the three in the budget range, this would be it.

Type Review Price Buy
L-Shaped 4.4/5 $90 View on Amazon

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

4. The Atlantic Gaming Desk was designed specifically with PC gamers in mind! It’s an excellent choice for those with a single monitor setup. However, it may not be the BEST pick if you are rocking two or more monitors.

This is for two reasons. First and foremost, it doesn’t have as much surface area as some of the other desks on this list. That being said, it’s a great choice if you’re in a small space.

Second, it has a monitor stand in the middle of the desk. While this is nice for one monitor, it isn’t ideal for two. Luckily, you can pretty easily remove it to fit two 27” monitors on it.

Aside from that, the desk is solid. It has a great cable management system, and non-marring feet. It features a steel-rod construction, a charging station, speaker trays, a storage drawer, a table-top reinforcement bar, a monitor stand, two controller hooks, a game storage rack, a rear power-strip holder, a headphone hook and a cup holder.

It’s safe to say this is a true gaming desk, deservant of a true PC gamer. Coming in at around $120, this desk has rightfully earned its place on our top 7 list.

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 4.5/5 $107 View on Amazon

Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass Desk

Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass Desk

5. The Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass Gaming Desk has a sleek L-shaped design, ideal for corner placement. It features a sturdy metal frame with reinforced plates on the joints and a black powder coat finish.

The top of the desk is made of clear 6/5mm tempered glass, and also has a display shelf and a slide-out keyboard tray. This desk requires home assembly.

I use this desk in my setup, and I must say, I absolutely love it. I haven’t had any problems or complaints. It’s the perfect height and feel for me, and provides plenty of room for my monitors, keyboard and mouse, etc.

This desk is versatile and looks wonderful. It’ll be the perfect addition to your gaming setup, providing a modern look/feel.

Type Review Price Buy
L-Shaped 4.4/5 $133 View on Amazon

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED Gaming Desk

Wireless Glowing LED Gaming Desk

6. The E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED Gaming Desk is the world’s first glowing desk for gamers. It allows you to control the glowing speed and effect with a wireless remote.

The desk was designed with the best height and width for long gaming sessions. It also has a satin finished surface. It is a very aesthetically pleasing desk, and it’s sturdy too.

Although it advertises a perfect surface for mice, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case. We still recommend investing in a mousepad. While the price tag is a bit high, it’s still a great choice if you have a higher budget. Grab yours today!

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 3.4/5 $330 View on eBay

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Desk

7. Last but certainly not least is the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. It’s the perfect desk for the ultimate gaming setup.

The 160cm/5’3 inches width allows for a sweet triple monitor setup. The 80cm/2’ 7.5 inches length gives you plenty of room for your mouse, keyboard and other peripherals.

The desk surface features a microfiber water-resistant material wellsuited for the use of a mouse. It’s available in five colors, and the feet can be adjusted to suit your needs. It’s also easily transported, as the desk breaks down into three seperate sections.

This desk is the most expensive on the list, but for good reason. It has plenty of space for all components and peripherals. Moreover, it looks and feels great. The height can be adjusted, and the design is impeccable. It’s earned the number one spot on the list, and rightfully so.

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 4.5/5 $380 View on Amazon

Origami Foldable Computer Desk

Origami Foldable Computer Desk

8. This table opens and folds flat in just seconds for easy storage. Furthermore, no tools are required for setting up this gaming desk. The desk can hold 250 lbs per shelf, rendering it pretty sturdy.

It has a lower shelf, perfect for your gaming PC and/or your feet to rest atop. All in all, it’s a FANTASTIC desk, especially considering it’s sub $100.

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 4/5 $90 View on Amazon

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

9. This desk features a contemporary style with a cherry finish. It also has clear tempered glass and chrome cylinder glass supports.

Additionally, it has a nice pull-out keyboard and mouse tray. The desk rests on castors for easy mobility, rendering it an all-around great choice.

Type Review Price Buy
Standard 4/5 $110 View on Amazon

Ergonomic Computer Setup

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At the end of the day, whether you’re a casual gamer or a PC master race enthusiast, you deserve to sit behind the proper desk.

Not only improving the look of your setup, but the feel and ergonomics as well, a proper gaming desk is an essential component to every gamer’s arsenal.