The Best Gaming Speakers of 2018 (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

Updated April 23, 2018 by Headshot Jacob Tuwiner

If you don’t have a great sound system, you’re losing out.


If you can’t hear your opponents in-game, they’re going to have an edge on you.

In titles like CS:GO, Battlefield, Call of Duty and more, footsteps are important.

Further still, a nice sound system is the perfect addition to your gaming setup. Whether you’re tearing it up on the battlefield or watching a movie, good speakers can make or break the experience.

Gaming Speakers Overview

Surround sound in particular is an important component of any gamer’s setup. Not only does it immersify the player in the game, it also aids in competitive titles. If you can hear your opponents, you’ll have the upper hand.

A Closer Look: 4 Best PC Gaming Speakers

Image Speaker Includes Rating
Cyber Acoustics Speakers Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a Powered Speakers with Subwoofer 2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer 4/5
klipsch R-15M speakers Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitors 2 Speakers 5/5
Logitech Z906 Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers 5 Speakeres, 1 Subwoofer 4.5/5
unity speakers AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers 2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer 4/5

Top 8 PC Compatible Gaming Speakers

Here are the 8 best PC gaming speakers that will give you the most bang for your PC gaming buck. If you’re on the hunt for TV speakers, take a look at the next section.

Cyber Acoustics Speakers with Subwoofer

1. Cyber Acoustics is delivering a three-piece satellite speaker system. It comes with a 5.25” sub and two speakers. It’s great for the budget conscious gamer.

You’ll experience wonderful surround sound, immersing you in the game and providing the competitive edge you need. All of this for less than $50? What a steal!

Cyber Acoustics CA-5402 Platinum Series 5.1 Speakers for Gaming

2. This option is a bit more expensive than the previous model, but it really packs a punch.

It’s a 6 piece set (four 2” satellite speakers, a 2” center speaker and a 5.25” subwoofer). You’ll be surprised with the quality of these speakers for the price.

The surround sound makes you feel like you’re really in the game, ensuring the most bang for your PC gaming buck. You’ll be able to locate your opponent’s footsteps with pinpoint accuracy with this speaker system, not to mention they’re great for movies and TV too!

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II 2.0 Gaming Speakers

3. Creative has been producing high quality sound systems for a long time. The Creative T40 Series II lives up to expectations. The T40’s are 3.5” taller than the T20’s. If you can shell out the extra money, we recommend this line. It offers more power and a more complete audio range.

These speakers are compatible not only with a PC, but a TV as well and even your smart phone.

The bass really packs a punch, a large improvement from the last T20 generation. The treble is quite nice as well. Overall these speakers are superb, making the perfect addition to your gaming setup!

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 Gaming Woofer Speaker System

4. These speakers are sexy and sleek, perfect for PC gaming. There are dual input jacks compatible with PC, TV, DVD and other gaming devices. They even come in different colors.

The subwoofer that ships with this speaker set delivers excellent bass powered by 45 watts. For under $100, we highly recommend this gaming speaker set.

AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers

5. The AverMedia Ballista Unity Speakers boast superb performance with 40 watts of power. They have dual satellite drivers and a powerful subwoofer.

It ships with a control box so you can place your speakers anywhere you’d like. They were designed specifically for gaming, delivering rich base and realistic audio.

Performance aside, these speakers look awesome too!

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers

6. If you’re looking for top of the line audio, the Logitech Z906 is a gaming speaker set to keep your eye on.

The speakers are powered by 500 watts all the way up to a monstrous 1000 watts. You’ll shake windows with these powerful speakers!

You can connect up to 6 devices, switching between devices at will.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless Gaming Speakers

7. This $200 pair of speakers delivers a sound quality boost comparable to the switch from integrated graphics to a powerful GPU.

While the price tag is a bit high, they provide satisfying performance and power. They have four full-range drivers on each side. Considering their small size, the sound is impeccable.

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Speakers

8. While most wouldn’t dream of spending $500+ on a set of high end speakers, for those who do, these are the best speakers for the money.

These speakers have up to 5 inputs including Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm AUX, digital optical, and analog RCA / phono.

The speakers have a built-in amplifier, eliminating the need for an aftermarket amp and saving you the extra money. They come with a remote, so placement isn’t a problem. They can even be mounted for your convenience!

A Closer Look: 4 Best TV/Console Compatible Gaming Speakers

Image Speaker Includes Rating
Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Home Theater Speaker System 5 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer 5/5
Razer Leviathan Elite Gaming and Music Sound Bar 1 Soundbar, 1 Subwoofer 4/5
Paradigm Cinema 100 CT 5.1 Speakers 5 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer 4.5/5
Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker Set 5 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer 4/5

Top 6 TV Compatible Gaming Speakers

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II 2.0 Gaming Speakers

1. Creative has been producing high quality sound systems for a long time. The Creative T40 Series II is also compatible with a TV, and it lives up to expectations. The T40’s are 3.5” taller than the T20’s. If you can shell out the extra money, we recommend this line. It offers more power and a more complete audio range.

These speakers are compatible not only with a PC, but a TV as well and even your smart phone.

Razer Leviathan Elite Gaming and Music Sound Bar

2. Yes indeed, Razer has a sound bar. In fact, it’s pretty solid. It’s a crossover that can be used both with your TV and PC. It’s a sleek piece of technology that blasts crisp and clear audio.

You can even use these speakers with your smartphone. It also comes with a 5.25” subwoofer. Firing downwards, it won’t fail to deliver powerful bass.

Samsung HT-H7730 7.1 Channel 1330-Watt 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System

3. This home theatre system packss over 1000 watts of power. This setup is great for console gaming on a TV. It’s an eight piece set of 7.1 speakers.

It also ships with a powerful subwoofer using over 200 watts. The in-game action will be more realistic than ever before. This system is also wonderful for watching movies if you want great sound quality.

This is quite the investment, but it’s well worth the money.

Paradigm Cinema 100 CT 5.1 Gaming Speakers

4. This home theatre system is another great choice for console gaming. These speakers provide amazing sound quality for their price and size.

There are two 5.25” drivers on each speaker, and a 1600-watt amplifier. It ships with six bass drivers and eight passive radiators.

If you’re looking for the best sound quality and a modest pricetag, check out these speakers.

Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Home Theater Speaker

5. If you’ve got $1000 to spare for a gaming speaker setup, this is our favorite. The Acoustimass 10 series has everything you need for an immersive audio experience. Whether you’re racing in Daytona Speedway or battling on the beaches of Normandy, this setup will make it feel like you’re really in the game.

They can mount to the wall, fitting any gaming setup/room configuration.

These speakers most resemble a home theatre system, but don’t be fooled by their appearance. While the design is minimalistic, the performance is not.

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker Set

Yamaha NS-NSP1800BL

6. is a great speaker setup and for the low cost of just $150, you won’t find a better deal. 5.1 channel surround sound with 2 front and back speakers. You even get a center speaker and a large subwoofer.

Unfortunately this speaker system requires a sound amplifier for optimal sound as it’s a standalone 5.1 channel package.

However, having heard the sound quality of this system, I’d say it’s well worth the money.

Our Opinion on Gaming Speakers

If you’re serious about gaming, we highly recommend investing in a high quality sound system for gaming.

Whether you’re gaming on the PC or console, good sound quality is important. If you can’t hear your opponent, they’ll have the upper hand on you. Furthermore, having great surround sound and powerful base really throws you into the action.

It is our opinion that a great gaming speaker is a must for all serious gamers out there. Even when you’re watching TV/movies, a good surround sound speaker system makes it that much beter.

What to Look for in Gaming Speakers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about buying a new set of gaming speakers. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

There are so many factors to consider, and at times it can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


The first thing to you need to choose is whether or not your speakers have bass.

In my opinion, bass is an important part of a speaker system. It provides a nice kick and helps to truly immersify you in the game.

Surround Sound

You can’t experience true surround sound without bass. This brings us to our next point: you’ll need to decide the level of surround sound you’d prefer.

You can choose a 5.1 system or a 2.1 system, but you won’t find a 5.1 system without bass. 5.1 provide a far more immersive experience than a stero 2.1 speaker system.

If you’re going to be investing in a speaker system, you might as well go for the gold. We’d recommend a 5.1 surround sound system if you can afford one.


You’ll also need to think about any extra features you may want. Higher end speakers provide plenty of cool features like special audio controls which give you the ability to adjust audio quality.

Lower end speakers usually just provide you with the basics like a power button and a volume knob.

Setting Up Gaming Speakers

Sound Bars

Sound bars are a trendy gaming speakers solution. There are plenty of companies making soundbars that are both powerful and compact. If you buy a high-quality soundbar, you’ll experience immersive sound quality at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, soundbars are sleek and sexy, perfect for your gaming setup!

Although they can come close to traditional 5.1 surround, you’ll still probably want to invest in a dedicated subwoofer for maximum audio quality.

Speakers or Headphones?

Headphones can eliminate background noise, allowing you to focuse solely on the game.

However, if you’ve ever played for more than a few hours at one time with headphones on, you know just how annoying – and painful – headphones can be.

Headphones operate with different drivers. Evidently, the sound quality of headphones doesn’t rival that of dedicated speakers.

Although, gaming speakers don’t allow you to communicate with fellow gamers – a gaming headset and microphone, on the other hand, provides an easy way to talk to your buddies.

This is especially important in multiplayer titles like Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO, League of Legends, etc.

If you’re playing a single-player campaign or watching a movie, gaming speakers are the way to go. If you like to play multiplayer games, especially games that require communication, headphones are probably your best bet.

Making the Right Decision for You

You’ll have to determine which room in your hosue you’re going to setup the speakers.

If you’re in a small space surrounded by neighbors like an apartment, you really shouldn’t sound blasting 5.1 speakers.

Unless you have a room just for gaming, saving space is probably important. Don’t get a giant speaker set; rather, a small more compact option is probably best for you.

Gaming Speakers in Use

In addition, you’ll need to check your PC to ensure it can even handle the speaker system. Not all rigs can support 5.1 surround sound. Check your motherboard’s compatibility before you spend your hard earned money on speakers you can’t even use.

Last but not least, consider your budget. Don’t overspend on a set with tons of features you’ll never use; at the same time, don’t buy the cheapest speakers money can buy. You’ll get a lot more for your money if you save up a bit more.