The Best Gaming Speakers of 2019 (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

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If you don’t have a great sound system, you’re losing out.


If you can’t hear your opponents in-game, they’re going to have an edge on you.

In titles like CS:GO, Battlefield, Call of Duty and more, footsteps are important.

Further still, a nice sound system is the perfect addition to your gaming setup. Whether you’re tearing it up on the battlefield or watching a movie, good speakers can make or break the experience.

Gaming Speakers Overview

Surround sound in particular is an important component of any gamer’s setup. Not only does it immersify the player in the game, it also aids in competitive titles. If you can hear your opponents, you’ll have the upper hand.

A Closer Look: 4 Best PC Gaming Speakers

Image Speaker Includes Rating
Logitech Z906 Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers 5 Speakeres, 1 Subwoofer 5/5
klipsch R-15M speakers Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitors 2 Speakers 4.5/5
Creative GigaWorks T40 Series Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II 2.0 Gaming Speakers 2 Speakers 4/5
Cyber Acoustics Speakers Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a Powered Speakers with Subwoofer 2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer 4/5

Top 8 PC Compatible Gaming Speakers

Here are the 8 best PC gaming speakers that will give you the most bang for your PC gaming buck. If you’re on the hunt for TV speakers, take a look at the next section.

Volume aside, these speakers can provide a true surround sound experience, as long as you have a capable sound card to pair them with. These speakers are more expensive than the model they are replacing, but their sound quality, fidelity, and attention to detail are impeccable. You definitely get what you pay for!

The speakers have a built-in amplifier, eliminating the need for an aftermarket amp and saving you the extra money. They come with a remote, so placement isn’t a problem.

They’re especially well-suited for use as PC gaming speakers thanks to their relatively small form factor. Moreover, these speakers are compatible not only with a PC, but with your TV and smartphone as well. The bass really packs a punch, which is a large improvement over the last T20 generation. The treble is quite nice as well.

This speaker set features five sleek satellite speakers and one powered subwoofer that delivers impactful bass and low tones. Sound quality aside, the CA-5402 comes with plenty of cool features including an MP3 cradle and a desktop control pod.

Genius has only been around since 2010, but this speaker set has continued to receive lots of praise from gamers and non-gamers alike. It’s an affordable 2.1 subwoofer satellite speaker set, and despite not being exclusively designed for gamers, they can hold their own as gaming speakers.

While the price tag is a bit high, they provide satisfying performance and power. They have four full-range drivers on each side. Considering their small size, the sound is impeccable.

These 30-watt speakers produce amazing sound highs and lows, they look stylish and they’re incredibly affordable. If you’re a casual gamer on a budget, they’re a great fit for you.

Speaker Reviews

In this section, we’re going to a bit more in-depth about each speaker. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each speaker set, in addition to any special features and their overall performance. If you want to learn more about the best set of gaming speakers for your setup, read on!

These speakers are THX certified 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound speakers which can turn any room into a home theater. You’ll hear every detail, from gunshots to twigs breaking underneath the boots of approaching enemies. If you’re a fan of racing games, you’ll love the authentic sound of roaring engines as you race through the streets.

The Z906 speaker set is great for everything from gaming to listeing to music to watching movies. Considering these speakers’ 1000-watt peak system power, you probably won’t ever have to surpass 50% master volume. The subwoofer itself consumes 165 watts of power, and the dynamic speakers use 65 watts each. Altogether, the system has a 500 watt total RMS.

Although these speakers can be used with a gaming PC, they weren’t designed exclusively for PC gaming. They can be connected to a total of six audio sources including a music player, computer, gaming console, and even recording devices.

Logitech is a reputable company that is well known for their high-quality products, including their Z906 speaker set. The speakers are durable and can withstand several falls. Furthermore, dust filters and shielding prevents dust buildup that could potentially damage the speakers.

With a good sound card you can easily replicate 5.1 surround sound without having to push the volume past their 50% maximum output. The speakers have a master volume control in addition to individual controls for each speaker. The control unit can stream from six sources, ranging from RCA audio to Digital optical and digital coaxial sources. You can choose the control unit and each unit’s volume.

The Logitech Z906 speakers have a superb design. They are well tuned gaming speakers that can easily be used in a home theater system. Their surround sound is impeccable and they have the power to shatter glass!

The Klipsch R-15PM offers the connectivity and stereo separation of a receiver-speaker combo and the simplicity of a sound bar. The speakers’ sound quality is on par with its competitors in the price range, but Klipsch adds extra value to the bundle with a remote control, and a phono input.

Sound quality would be far superior with the edition of a dedicated subwoofer to handle low-tones and bass. However, the R-15PM is a great alternative to all-in-one sound bar systems. The speakers onlny have a USB input and a Bluetooth receiver, so they’re best suited to function as PC speakers.

The R-15PM’s amp is rated at 50 watts – it may be a small speaker, but its dynamic performance speaks for itself. The speakers’ base is somewhat full, but the extremely low bass frequencies aren’t quite there. The bass still has a satisfying weight to it, but it could be better.

Tese speakers’ sound and dynamics will be nice for explosive action movies, but the addition of a powered subwoofer would be ideal, especially for those who enjoy maximum window-rattling impact. For a small speaker under $500, the Klipsch R-15PM is a step up from the competitors in its weight class.

Although the T40s are the same form factor as their predecessor, they’ve had many improvements made to them. Firstly, the T40s have a glossy black finish with many subtle sparkling blue specks.

The front controls are also different. Instead of the older awkward arrangement of controls, the T40s use a combined volume and power knowb that is surrounded by a ring of blue light that radiates when the speakers are turned on. The speakers controls and interface are sleeker and easier to use. Overall, it’s a far more intuitive and user friendly design.

In the back of the speaker you’ll find the power socket, an RCA connection, and the main 3.5mm stereo jack input. Every socket is gold plated to ensure the best connectivity and playback quality. The speaker ships with a gold plated twin-RCA to stereo 3.5mm jack adapter.

The T40s use the same twin mid-range drivers as their predecessor and the same single top-end tweeter as well. Moreover, the bass port at the top looks similar to the T20s’ bass port. However, the T40s’ rated output has risen to 16W, which is probably why they sound so much better than the previous generation.

Lows have been filled out and they deliver a stronger punch which gives low-end drums and bass lines the prominence they deserve. I’m not saying these speakers’ base is window shattering, but it certainly has a strong presence. Besides, not everything is about the bass. The high-end pitches are also incredibly important – that’s where things come together.

The T40s’ highs are impressive, far better than the T20s’ no matter how much you adjust the treble. I tested many different songs in different niches, both with lows and highs. I was pleased to say the least. They’ll certainly provide an immersive gaming experience. It’s safe to say you’ll hear your enemies coming from a mile away!

In conclusion, the T40s’ are a solid set of speakers for an affordable price. They’re great for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music too.

Footsteps are crisp and clear – it’s easy to tell where they’re coming from. Hearing footsteps with precision is crucial, especially if you’re a competitive gamer. These budget speakers, although not specifically designed with gamer-centric features, can easily double as gaming speakers.

If you’re a fan of shooter games, you’ll be pleased with the roaring sound of explosions and gunshots these speakers produce. Car engines in racing games sound great, and when I was playing games like Madden and 2K, the announcers’ vocals were crisp and clear.

These speakers are rated at 45 watts RMS, and the satellites offer maximum reach. They are facing slightly upwards and away from one another to help eminate sound as far as possible. As far as connections go, these speakers have an RCA stereo input, 3.55mm primary, and AUX input, in addition to a 3.5mm headphone jack and line input.

The speakers feature cool LED lighting throughout their design. From the scorpion logo to the pulsating lights, they will certainly compliment any gaming setup. The lights change depending on the bass level. If there are any explosions, bangs, falls, or roaring engines, the lights go crazy, bringing your gaming setup to life. If you’re playing music as opposed to a video game, the lights dance to the track.

They can accomodate more than just PC gaming thanks to the line-in port, meaning you can use the speakers with gaming consoles, televisions, and MP3 speakers. Sound quality suffers when the speakers are playing at more than 60% of their maximum volume, especially low tones and bass. On the other hand, 2.1 speakers aren’t designed to function at a higher volume than their 75% capacity.

I particularly enjoy the feature that allows you to bypass the speakers entirely with headphones, especially when I do not want to disturb others around me. The speakers are great for everything from gaming to listening to music to watching movies – EDM is the only genre of music that I’d advise against listening to with this set of speakers. The bass becomes drowned out and you’ll have to turn down the highs in order to properly listen to the music.

In conclusion, if you have $100 or so lying around and you want a great set of gaming speakers that won’t break the bank, you should take a look at the Genius SW G2.1 2000 speaker set.

The first SoundSticks came out back in 2000 with a clear plastic transparent design that’s still being used today. There is a pale light that radiates from the inside of the speakers that has been compared to the glow of a jellyfish. The newest generation of speakers have a dimmer light than previous models, making them much more subtle than before.

They weren’t developed with gaming in mind, but they worked well with my gaming setup. I played CS:GO, Battlefield One, PUBG, and Fortnite using the speakers. Footsteps – and sound in general – are incredibly important to gameplay in those games, and I was pleasantly surprised by these speakers’ performance. Footsteps were easily audible and I had no issues deciphering where they were coming from.

The two 10-watt satellite speakers have 1-inch drivers built-in which look nearly identical to the SoundStick II speakers. The satellite speakers are wired to the bottom of the subwoofer and link together using a cable wrapped in transparent housing, which protects them from damage.

The subwoofer has a 1/8” input jack that allows anyone to to connect and play their music as long as they have a male audio output. Setting the speakers up for computer playback only takes a few minutes.

These speakers don’t have a headphone jack, which is pretty disappointing considering their price. You can purchase a dual 3.5-inch audio cable for the output jack and connect headphones that way, but it would’ve been nice to have a headphone jack from the get go.

Additionally, the capacitive-touch volume buttons can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Instead of being able to incrementally increase volume levels, sometimes the volume is cranked up too high by accident because of the sensitive buttons.

These 2.1 speakers don’t become distorted at high volumes, something that tends to be a problem with many speakers in this price range. The bass is powerful and crisp despite the speakers’ rather small wattage consumption. There is little static between audio tracks and highs are pleasant as well.

This speaker system offers a great ROI. There are cheaper alternatives to this speaker set, but none can match these speakers performance per dollar. They’re housed in a wooden cabinet, and they produce roaring base. The speakers come with a control pod, and the headphone jack allows you to completely bypass the speaker if you wish.

These speakers use 2-inch drivers with magnetic shielding for audio clarity and stereo seperation. The subwoofer uses a 5.25-inch driver that is not afraid to make its presence known.

Cyber Acoustics is not a big brand name that you’d look for in a store. This set of speakers is cheap, so you can’t expect anything crazy. That’s not to say they don’t pack a punch – for just $40, you can’t beat their quality. They have decent sound quality and they can fill a medium sized room. If you’re using the as gaming speakers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their low-cost performance.

I wouldn’t recommend using them past 75% volume, as the bass begins to deteriorate at the highest volumes. Moreover, it they’re not meant for use outdoors. They’re perfect for use in a small-medium sized room at a desk, which is perfect for most gamers.

InIf you are playing games like Battlefield and CS:GO, I’d recommend using a headset. Footsteps and sound in general are crucial to your success in these FPS games.

If you’re interested in using these speakers for music as well (which I’m sure most of you are), they are adequate. You wouldn’t be able to host a house party using them as your sound system, but they’re great when you’re hosting a few friends. Listening to heavy bass is a bit underwhelming, and the highs roll off a bit at high voumes, which is why I wouldn’t recommend using them at a party.

The control pod addition was especially surprising. The speakers have their controls centered in a control pod, including the volume and bass knobs in addition to a convenient AUX and headphone line.

You’ll experience wonderful surround sound, immersing you in the game and providing the competitive edge you need. All of this for less than $50? What a steal! They’re among the best gaming speakers under 100 dollars.

Our Opinion on Gaming Speakers

If you’re serious about gaming, we highly recommend investing in a high quality sound system for gaming.

Whether you’re gaming on the PC or console, good sound quality is important. If you can’t hear your opponent, they’ll have the upper hand on you. Furthermore, having great surround sound and powerful base really throws you into the action.

It is our opinion that a great gaming speaker is a must for all serious gamers out there. Even when you’re watching TV/movies, a good surround sound speaker system makes it that much beter, especially if you have a great set of tower speakers.

What to Look for in Gaming Speakers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about buying a new set of gaming speakers. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

There are so many factors to consider, and at times it can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


The first thing to you need to choose is whether or not your speakers have bass.

In my opinion, bass is an important part of a speaker system. It provides a nice kick and helps to truly immersify you in the game.

Surround Sound

You can’t experience true surround sound without bass. This brings us to our next point: you’ll need to decide the level of surround sound you’d prefer.

You can choose a 5.1 system or a 2.1 system, but you won’t find a 5.1 system without bass. 5.1 provide a far more immersive experience than a stero 2.1 speaker system.

If you’re going to be investing in a speaker system, you might as well go for the gold. We’d recommend a 5.1 surround sound system if you can afford one.


You’ll also need to think about any extra features you may want. Higher end speakers provide plenty of cool features like special audio controls which give you the ability to adjust audio quality.

Lower end speakers usually just provide you with the basics like a power button and a volume knob.

Setting Up Gaming Speakers

Sound Bars

Sound bars are a trendy gaming speakers solution. There are plenty of companies making soundbars that are both powerful and compact. If you buy a high-quality soundbar, you’ll experience immersive sound quality at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, soundbars are sleek and sexy, perfect for your gaming setup!

Although they can come close to traditional 5.1 surround, you’ll still probably want to invest in a dedicated subwoofer for maximum audio quality.

Speakers or Headphones?

Headphones can eliminate background noise, allowing you to focuse solely on the game.

However, if you’ve ever played for more than a few hours at one time with headphones on, you know just how annoying – and painful – headphones can be.

Headphones operate with different drivers. Evidently, the sound quality of headphones doesn’t rival that of dedicated speakers.

Although, gaming speakers don’t allow you to communicate with fellow gamers – a gaming headset and microphone, on the other hand, provides an easy way to talk to your buddies.

This is especially important in multiplayer titles like Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO, League of Legends, etc.

If you’re playing a single-player campaign or watching a movie, gaming speakers are the way to go. If you like to play multiplayer games, especially games that require communication, headphones are probably your best bet.

Making the Right Decision for You

You’ll have to determine which room in your hosue you’re going to setup the speakers.

If you’re in a small space surrounded by neighbors like an apartment, you really shouldn’t sound blasting 5.1 speakers.

Unless you have a room just for gaming, saving space is probably important. Don’t get a giant speaker set; rather, a small more compact option is probably best for you.

Gaming Speakers in Use

In addition, you’ll need to check your PC to ensure it can even handle the speaker system. Not all rigs can support 5.1 surround sound. Check your motherboard’s compatibility before you spend your hard earned money on speakers you can’t even use.

Last but not least, consider your budget. Don’t overspend on a set with tons of features you’ll never use; at the same time, don’t buy the cheapest speakers money can buy. You’ll get a lot more for your money if you save up a bit more.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve added this section to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about gaming speakers.

Can I use gaming speakers for music? Although this one seem’s pretty self-explanatory, I still get this question a lot. The answer is yes, of course you can! If you’re looking for the best speakers for both gaming and music, go for a set with good bass.

What should my budget be for a set of gaming speakers? It really depends on the sound quality you’re looking for. I wouldn’t buy a set of $20 speakers for a home theater, and I wouldn’t buy a set of $1,000 speakers for casual gaming. If you’re looking for a pair of decent speakers, expect to drop at least a few hundred dollars.

What is the best gaming speaker brand? You can’t go wrong with Razer or BOSE, but it is a matter of personal preference.

Should I buy a dedicated subwoofer? If you’re serious about your bass, I’d recommend buying an aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier.

Gaming speakers or headphones? I prefer a gaming headset, because I think they are more convenient. I love my Razer headset – it has surround sound, and a good microphone. However, I also have a set of gaming speakers, because I like to watch movies from my bed, and I don’t want to use a headset for that. Additionally, gaming speakers are great when you have friends over.

How do I set up my gaming speakers? I get this question a lot, and my answer is always the same: read your speakers’ manual! Every set of gaming speakers, although similar, has a different setup process. You can check the speakers’ manual, or watch the installation process on YouTube.


A great set of gaming speakers is the perfect addition for your next gaming setup.

Buying speakers with immersive surround sound, deep bass and fantastic treble will take your gaming sound to the next level!