The Quietest 140mm Case Fan of 2019

Updated January 1st, 2019 by Headshot Jacob Tuwiner

After testing more than 8 fans, we’ve concluded that the Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition (QE) is the best 140mm case fan for your money in 2019.

140mm case fans are capable of pushing more air than smaller case fans when spinning at the same speed thanks to their blades’ greater surface area.

Although some small cases are not capable of housing large 140mm case fans, if you have an ATX case, it’s more than likely compatible.

Otherwise, if you’re using a smaller Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX case, you may want to consider a 120mm case fan or, smaller still, an 80mm case fan.

Keep reading to find out why the Corsair AF140 QE is our number one pick!

The Corsair AF140 QE delivers high airflow while remaining quiet and efficient. This low-noise case fan has striking LED lights and translucent blades with a frosted texture that has a stunning lighting effect during operation. It’s the perfect compliment to any gaming setup, including our $500 gaming PC build.

You can buy this fan with red, blue, white, or purple LEDs. In adition, the fan ships with two interchangeable rings for a total of three – you can choose between red, white, or blue.

AF140 color rings

As far as performance is concerned, the AF140 QE cooling capability is exemplary. The fan needs at least 3cm of mounting clearance, and performs best when used as an exhaust fan, mounted near the rear or the top of your case. Likewise, they can also be used as intake fans mounted near the side panel or bottom air intakes.

AF stands for airflow, meaning these fans perform their best when operating as intake or exhaust fans, rather than being used in tight spaces. They’re optimized for airflow, not static pressure. If you’re interested in cooling highly obstructed areas such as hard drive cages or other tight spaces, you’re better off purchasing a fan with high static pressure as opposed to high airflow.

The AF140 outperforms other standard 140mm case fans, as the blades are custom-molded for optimal airflow and performance. The blades are also ultra-thin to reduce noise, and lastly, the sleeve bearing coupled with the fan’s padded corners work together to minimize vibration noise.

Corsair AF Series Unboxing & Overview

Packaging & Contents

The AF140 QE ships in a red and black box which has a clear plastic panel displaying the fan on the left side, a red strip with the fan’s name on the right side of the box, in addition to its speed and noise level. Lastly, there is a three year warranty icon at the bottom left.

AF140 QE Box

The back of the box has a full spec chart that covers everything you need to know about the fan, and there’s a small blurb about what makes the AF140 QE a unqiue case fan.

Also inside the box you’ll find a bag containing a set of four screws to mount the case fan, in addition to a step-down resistor used to underpower the fan, decreasing the voltage from 12V to 7V.

Conclusion: Is The AF140 Worth The Money?

Corsair’s AF140 Quiet Edition is a superb high airflow 140mm case fan. The fan performs best when used as an intake or exhaust fan, rather than a static pressure fan to cool those hard to reach places in your case such as a hard drive cage. If you’re looking for a fan to place near a hot GPU or a hard drive bay, you may want to look elsewhere.

All in all, if you’re in search of a good-looking case fan with great airflow, the Corsair AF140 is the fan for you. If pure airflow is what you’re after, the Corsair AF140 QE is among the best (and the quietest) 140mm case fans on the market. I’d highly recommend the AF140 to anyone looking for a new 140mm case fan.