Cooler Master Haf XB Evo Review

Cooler Master Haf XB Evo Review

Cooler Master’s XB is the newest member of the HAF line of cases. The HAF XB is – unlike any other case on the market – a hybrid between an ATX case and a bench table, with two seperate levels for different components.

This case is pretty awesome considering it can be used as a test bench, LAN box, or a daily driver.


  • Excellent design
  • Great cooling
  • Easy cable management
  • Sturdy design


  • None

Case Design

The exterior has an industrial black steel construction. The front panel has the main airflow intake with a built-in dust filter, which comes with two 120mm fans.

If you wish, you can also mount two 140mm fans there as well.

The front panel IO has the power/reset buttons, your audio ports, and two USB 3 ports. There are also two hot swap drive trays in the front of the case as well.

The sides of the case are identical with airflow vents and handles, making transport super easy.

haf xb evo

If you’re looking for a case with exceptional build quality, you can’t go wrong with this chassis.

The case is stable, sturdy, and everything sits securely in place without rattling.

Even the PCI slot covers are solid, as opposed to the flimsy sheets you’ll find with many other cases.

This case ships with two of Cooler Master’s very own A12025-18CB-3EN-F1 fans, which spin at a rate of 1800 RPM.

Unfortunately, they don’t have integrated fan control, which means they generate a bit more noise than I’d like.

On the other hand – much like the Corsair Carbide Air 540 this case was designed with “High Air Flow” in mind, so it’s clear that cooling performance was Cooler Master’s number one priority.

Besides, you can always add your own fan controller if you wish.

haf xb evo

The case has dust filters on just about every air intake in order to combat dust from entering the enclosure and clogging up fans, damaging components, etc.

In summary, the HAF XB has a unqiue design. It can be used as a small ATX case, or as a test bench, or both! The handles on the chassis’ side panels make for a great LAN box, too.

Its seperate compartments help regulate internal temperatures, as the motherboard, CPU, GPU, and RAM get to enjoy unobstructed and continuous airflow.

The case also has great cable management options, as you can run wiring through the lower level of the case to the upper level where the second compartment houses most of your components.

It may be a small ATX case, but the interior definitely doesn’t feel cramped or compact in any way thanks to its great design.


This case has a removable motherboard tray, making installation much easier.

Cooler Master has done a great job to ensure this case has a spacious interior despite being so small. In addition, since the components that don’t need airflow are stored in the bottom, cooling potential is maximized.

haf xb evo airflow

In addition, the entire bottom section of the case has notches to aid with cable management. Despite this case’s small size, there are plenty of cable management options, so don’t worry about having a hard time there.


First you have to remove all of the panels which are secured by thumb screws.

This case allows you to put your storage devices and PSU on one level at the bottom of the case.

The rest of your components, such as your motherboard, GPU, CPU, etc. are housed on the top level of this two-story enclosure.

What’s the appeal here?

The components on the second story enjoy unobstructed airflow, and at the same time, the heat from the PSU and hard drives are kept in their own enclosure.

Moreover, the HAF XB’s top and side panels can all be removed, which means the case could also be used as a test bench.

Cooler Master HAF XB

The case is compatible with all modern tower-style coolers, and can support a 240mm radiator in addition to another 120mm radiator installed at the same time.

The HAF XB also offers hot-swapping for two hard drives, and has carrying handles on the sides which make transportation easy.


The case’s form factor isn’t for everyone, but for those looking for a small ATX case, the HAF XB is great. Oh, and you can use it as a test bench, too.