Dash ASICs and GPUs

January 14, 2018 by Headshot Jacob Tuwiner

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Unlike Zcash, Decred, Monero, and Ethereum, ASIC cards can be used to mine Dash.

This ASIC miner is the fastest and most power efficient solution for mining Dash.

What does this mean for your GPU?

Well, even if you have a powerful GPU like the GTX 1080, you should stick to Dash mining ASICs.

Dash Mining Hardware to Maximize Your Profits

PIC ASIC Yearly Return Buy
Antminer D3 $1,281.74 Shop Lowest Prices

Dash in a Nutshell

Is Dash Mining Profitable?

The value of dash is on the rise, and the time is now to get in on the action. Dash mining in 2018 is extremely profitable (see our guide ‘3 Reasons Why Dash Mining is Profitable in 2018’).

If you use the right mining hardware, you’ll see a great return on your investment. The Antminer D3 shows a yearly return of nearly $1300!

Dash Profitability

Once you break even, you’ll have a great source of passive income. Using an ASIC card is the best way to go, as they are the most powerful and efficient miners on the market.

Dash appears more profitable than Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Monero, ZenCash and Bitcoin mining.

Antminer D3 - $1300

The Antminer D3 is by far the best miner on the market.

Antminer D3

Mining is far more profitable if you use multiple ASICs. Contact me for large orders and more information.*

The initial investment for this ASIC miner is quite high. However, this miner will pay itself back quickly; the return on investment you’ll see from this miner is superb.

The Antminer D3 miner has a hash rate of 15 GH/s and uses 1200 watts from the wall.

While the power consumption might seem a bit high, the hashing power of this miner makes up for it.

You’ll spend $3.46 per day on electricity and see a return of $1,281.74 per year. This is a 101% return on investment each day.

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Non-ASIC Mining Hardware

Though ASIC miners are powerful and efficient, not everybody wants to spend the money for them, as they can be quite expensive. Furthermore, other graphics cards can still mine Dash and other cryptocurrencies quite efficiently.

You can find other X11 mining cards below:

What is an ASIC?

An ASIC, or Application Specific Integrated Circuit, is a specialized piece of hardware specifically designed for mining cryptocurrencies.

They are often more power efficient than their regular mining GPU alternatives, and have higher hash rates as well. Unfortunately, they tend to be more expensive; however, they have a higher ROI. In the end, they are often worth the money.

For example, the Antminer D3 is the most profitable Dash mining ASIC, generating a profit of $800 annually.

How to Mine Dash

If you’re a beginner, mining for the first time can be a bit tricky.

Fortunately, the infographic below will teach you how to mine Dash!


Feel free to contact me about using this infographic on your website!

Dash Mining Pools

Joining a Dash pool will help to ensure more consistent success. Instead of just you mining on your own, you can team up with other people also looking to mine Dash. This makes the process of mining much quicker.

The official dash website recommends these mining pools:

If you decide to go this route, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest mining pool updates.

Here’s why:

You don’t want to mine for a pool that suddenly increases its fees. Moreover, you don’t want to mine for a pool that no longer exists.

X11 Dash Mining

Dash uses the X11 algorithm, which is becoming more popular every day. This algorithm is secure, effective, and has a relatively low power cost.

The best part about the X11 algorithm is its purpose: everything Bitcoin was intended to be. It decentralizes hashing power by making it easier to mine.

This means the average person looking to mine cryptocurrency can mine this coin without breaking the bank.

Providing insanely fast hashes, it is a profitable algorithm to mine. Unfortunately, it lacks the community that bitcoin has, but that is changing as more and more people begin to mine cryptocurrencies with the X11 algorithm.

All in all, the X11 algorithm is very effective and a good choice to mine.

Transparency of Dash

Coinbase is a fully regulated entity, subject to all of the laws of the United States. If the government went after Coinbase, they could see all of the activities made by that site.

With Dash, as a digital cash alternative, you can get the transaction data, but you can’t follow it through its history. This maintains the users’ privacy. This is one of the major differences between Dash and Bitcoin.

Evan Duffield of Dash makes this comparison:

Three people are sitting at a table. Each person takes out their wallet. Each wallet has two 10 dollar bills. All three people set their two 10 dollar bills on the table, and they all turn around. A fourth guy comes around, and mixes up all of the 10 dollar bills. Then, everyone turns around and takes two ten dollar bills back. What allows this to happen is something called the Master Node.

Fungibility of Dash

Fungibility is an idea in which any token on the network is interchangable with any other token on the network.

Dash incorporates this idea, as each coin is worth the same as any other coin on the network. Moreover, the coins are interchangable.

Other types of coins like Bitcoin that are on a public ledger can be more easily traced.

If, for example, you bought coins online, and they were previously used on the Silk Road, the government can come and take them from you because they were involved in illegal activity. Keep in mind, however, that this is highly unlikely and as of today, Bitcoin is a sound investment.

Dash eliminates this because each coin is just as valuable as the rest. This eliminates the possiblity of the coins being traced.