The Antminer L3+: Today's Most Profitable Litecoin Miner?


  • Price (considering the ROI, it’s a steal!)
  • Hash Rate (Highest among Litecoin miners)
  • Annual Return (Nearly $6,000!)


  • Doesn’t include PSU

Our rating: 5/5

Mining is far more profitable if you use multiple ASICs. Contact me for large orders and more information.

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Litecoin Mining in 2018

Antminer L3+

Litecoin is becoming ever more popular in 2018, and so are Litecoin miners.


Litecoin mining is extremely profitable, as long as you have proper Litecoin mining hardware.

Today we’re taking a look at the best Litecoin miner, the Antminer L3+. You check your projected earnings with this miner here:

Antminer L3+ Profit

The Best (and most profitable) Litecoin Miner on the Market

The Antminer L3+ boasts incredible hashing power and relatively low power consumption.

As we have seen with other popular cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin, mining profitability is always directly related with these factors.

PIC Hash Rate Power Consumption Daily Return Percentage Price Buy
504 MH/s 800 W 691% $4,300 Compare Lowest Prices

This miner has a hash rate of 504 MH/s. This is pretty high, yielding a daily return of nearly 700%. After power costs of around $2.30 per day, you’ll generate nearly $6,000 per year in revenue. Litecoin mining is extremely profitable compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Specifications of the Antminer L3+:

  • Hash Rate: 504 MH/s
  • Power consumption: 800W (at the wall, with Bitmain’s APW5 PSU)
  • Hashing algorithm: Scrypt (proof of work)


You can find the Antminer L3+ for around $3,000.

Considering the ROI of nearly $6,000 annually, we recommend you purchase an Antminer L3+ right away.

Your Profitability with the Antminer L3+

Considering the hash rate of the Antminer L3+, it’s safe to say you’ll make plenty of money.

However, your projected profits may vary based on where you live and your electricity cost.

You can calculate your projected Litecoin mining profitability with this Litecoin mining profitability calculator..

Powering the Antminer L3+

The Antminer L3+ requires a special power supply from Bitmain.

You can find the APW5 power supply on eBay. for $300. While the price may seem high, it’s well worth the investment.

This is the most efficient power supply on the market for this ASIC miner.

The APW5 power supply can provide up to 1300 W / 110 V or 2600 W over 205 V+.

If you don’t want this power supply and would prefer a more conventional power supply, the EVGA Supernova 1050 GS. is recommended and can be found on Amazon.

Just make sure the PSU that you choose can provide at least 850 W with 9 6-pin PCI-E connectors, uses a single 12 V rail, and has a gold or platinum efficiency rating.

Return on Investment

We cannot stress this enough: The Antminer L3+ is the MOST profitable miner on the market today.

Everyone is focused on mining Bitcoin, when they should really be focused on Litecoin mining.

In 2018, it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit mining Bitcoin.

Evidently, it’s quite easy to profitably mine Litecoin. Get started now!