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written by jacob tuwiner Jacob Tuwiner

Top 3 Best The Forest Server Hosts

Logo Host Details Rent
best hosting for gmod gtx gaming GTX Gaming
  • Top Pick
Host Havoc
  • Runner Up
Citadel Servers
  • Budget

With The Forest 2 possibly just on the horizon, the hype around Endnight Games’ “The Forest” is at an all-time high bringing tons of brand new players trying to figure out what’s going on in the original title. Though, honestly, did The Forest ever really die out.

The Forest does offer quite a bit of story even just playing solo, but multiplayer is all the rage these days. Nothing says “fun” like running for your lives from a cannibal spider monster alongside your bestest of friends.

You could, of course, face the horrors and survival challenges of The Forest alone and experience all of the trials in the comfort of your own little single player world, or you could join the hundreds upon hundreds of players looking for servers right now! Whether it’s just for a couple of friends or a community, we’ve got the best servers host for The Forest right down below.

Renting vs Hosting Your Own The Forest Server

Different server sizes across different games can provide varying experiences based on connection quality and player count so deciding whether to privately host your server or rent from a server host can usually save you some money and extra hassle.

Disadvantages of Hosting Your Own

Hosting your own server is preferable for much smaller scale servers with 2 to 10 people (even though 10 can be pushing it).

When hosting a server off of your own network, you are going to be using bandwidth which will inevitably slow down the internet for the rest of the devices on your network.

This could also mean that the server will run laggy for those trying to connect from elsewhere. Some internet service packages also have data limits, and a server running 24/7 could mean costly charges.

If you decide to host directly from your personal computer, the server is also going to be a drain on your computer’s resources while running.

This may end up hitting your FPS pretty hard if you’re trying to play games while the server is running. Alternatively, you could host on a separate computer, but you will still have bandwidth issues.

Advantages of Hosting Your Own

If you are willing to deal with the repercussions that follow hosting your own dedicated server, there are a couple of benefits that might make it worth your while.

First of all, the big thing is the cost savings when compared to renting a server. You’ll likely be paying your internet bill monthly in either scenario so it’s unfair to include it as a cost for personal hosting. So, other than your time, there is no cost to host a server from your home network.

You’ll get a lot more flexibility when hosting private because you have direct access to any and all server files down to the code level. This makes modding your server so much easier as long as you understand what you’re doing.

Disadvantages of Renting

Nobody wants to pay money for anything, but server renting is a service, of course. If you’re trying to go for a rented server hosting service, you’re gonna have to pony up the bucks just like everyone else.

When you’re renting a server through a company, you have to use their server interface, which in many cases can mean you won’t have full control of your server. Unlike with a personally hosted server, you aren’t going to be able to access the server files directly beyond whatever key features the server host allows.

In terms of modding, it can prove quite difficult when you have to jump through hoops instead of dropping your mod files right into the server folders. Though, some server hosts do have easy modding support.

Advantages of Renting

In our opinion, the biggest advantage of renting a server is reliability. As long as your chosen host company still exists and you are paying the fees, your server will persist with 24/7 uptime unless you turn it off for maintenance.

On top of the reliability factor, you have support teams available to help you with any issues that may be plaguing your server. That’s a quick and easy service that you wouldn’t have on a home-hosted server.

It doesn’t apply too well for The Forest because most servers are small anyway, but renting a server is great for larger player counts when you need the performance and internet speeds to handle tens of players connecting and disconnecting all of the time.

Logo Host Details Rent
best hosting for gmod gtx gaming GTX Gaming
  • Top Pick
Host Havoc
  • Runner Up
Citadel Servers
  • Budget

Best The Forest Server Host

GTX Gaming

  • Highest performer
  • Free trial
  • High price-to-performance ratio
  • Many server locations
  • Tons of options
  • More expensive compared to other hosts Support documentation is lacking in some areas

GTX Gaming makes the top of our list quite often, and it’s no wonder based on all the wonderful features and options they provide.

The Forest hosting prices begin at $14.72USD per month for a 16 player slot server. However, this price also includes a free 5GB of dedicated system memory (RAM), an enterprise SSD server drive, and a guaranteed 3.8GHz CPU speed for your server. We’d say that’s quite the deal!

Alongside the included benefits, GTX Gaming uses a custom control panel, allowing renters to access their server easier than ever before. And just like with some of our other choice hosts, they have a quick and easy instant setup.

Their extra add-ons include support ticket priority, CPU priority, increased CPU speeds, and NVME storage.

Runner Up Host

Host Havoc

  • Global servers
  • Amazing reliability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plugin and mod support
  • No trial
  • High base slot count

Always high on our list, Host Havoc may have some pricey servers in the way of The Foret but their quality just can’t be beaten (except for that price point of course).

Host Havoc offers tons of services, add-ons, extras and more so you can customize your server just the way you want which is hard to do in a rented server. These extras can guarantee top of the line support and server performance priorities among other things.

Again, while the price can be a bit steep, if you even have the slightest idea that you might want to host a medium to large The Forest server, Host Havoc is going to be hands down the best possible performance choice out there.

Budget Host

Citadel Servers

  • Always gonna be the cheapest out there
  • Consistent uptime
  • Great support team
  • Low price can mean low performance

Now, that con about low performance might seem a little bit daunting and first but trust me, with how low the requirements for The Forest are, I wouldn’t expect a large deviation in performance from even some of the top server hosts.

In this case, cheaper is probably going to be your best option. At $0.43USD per slot with a minimum slot count of 15 slots, their servers can handle even a moderate number of people for a starting price of $13.05USD per month. Not too shabby.

Their one-click install ensures that your server is up and running as soon as you pay for it, and with a wide variety of addons, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to keep your server in tip top shape 24/7.

Average The Forest Server Rental Pricing

Server hosting for The Forest can get real pricey real quick, being that the servers themselves can’t feasibly handle more than around 10 players.

While server hosts still give you the option for large amounts of players, it’s not suggested and will only raise the cost of your server.

The average Forest server is going to cost around $10USD to $16USD monthly because of the minimum slot counts alongside the high price per slot that most services charge for The Forest servers.

Of course, not everyone can afford $15USD or so per month just to host a game server, especially when the servers don’t get all that big anyway.

So for The Forest, we do suggest going for a personally hosted server if your internet and computer can handle the load. It also isn’t all too hard to set up.

Hosting Your Own The Forest Server

As we mentioned before, this time around hosting your own dedicated The Forest server just might be the best way to go, could it be all that hard? Well, first off let’s talk requirements, they aren’t very different from the actual game requirements.

Minimum Server Specs

OS: Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit & 64-bit CPU: Core 2 Duo E220 2.4GHz / Athlon 7550 Dual Core RAM: 2GB GPU: Not required for running the server but you do need a display HDD Space: 1GB

OS: Windows 10 CPU: Dual Core G6950 2.8GHz / Phenom II X2 550 RAM: 4GB GPU: Again not required to run HDD Space: 2GB

Honestly, with how low the specs are to run the server, even on the lowest of low-end gaming computers you could probably run The Forest and your server on the same computer with no performance impact on either end. Though, still take the internet bandwidth into account.

By setting up a server in this way, you’ll also get easy access to The Forest’s modding API, and who doesn’t love mods. They’re an easy way to spruce up your game, and there’s no easier way to get mods on your server than hosting it yourself.

Again, by hosting yourself you do forfeit the support services and guaranteed uptime of a rented server so you’re going to have to weigh the Pros: and cons based on your own needs.


The Forest doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon, and as such, there’s still going to be tons of new players looking for veterans to guide them through the game, maybe via a private server winkwink*.

Even if that ain’t your style, it’s always fun to have a spot to roam around and get into shenanigans with friends, as running from wacky monsters is always going to be better in a group than alone. I mean, who really wants to be scared alone?

Dedicated or rented, you can really go wrong with The Forest. As long as everyone’s having fun, what does it matter anyway!